The project “What design can do” intends to promote the exchange and cooperation between five schools from five countries with different languages and cultures. Ten mixed teams will work together critically and constructively on the given topic. The project is formulated in a very open way and the idea is to explore the topic “What design can do” from as many as possible and different perspectives. It is left to the students to approach the topic from different aspects like society, culture, economy, education, gender or environment. Equally open are the potential outcomes. The topic addressed should be implemented in some form of media. This can mean a series of posters, a film, a series of T-shirts, a podcast, a book etc. 


There will also be each week an input lecture from a faculty member from one of the five colleges for the duration of the project. At the end, a large, public presentation is planned.


Team organization 


Team Beirut: Lina Ghaibeh 

1:     Myriam Saniour, Yara Jaber, Alia Moustafa Tobala, Antonia Gericke, 

        Nikola Antolkovic  

2:     Lynn Jardali, Khouloud Hajri, Elena Buscaino, Sahili Albert, Sarah Luo


Team Cairo: Ghalia Elsrakbi

3:     Tala Dalal, Hana Sharaf, Wissal Boussouf, Nour Al Safadi, Smilla Diener 

4:     Alissa Zibara, Reem Hasebou, Sara Bouzidi, Diana Bauer, Angelika Pientka, 

        Sibel Metinoglu


Team Marrakech: Cédric Gatillon

5:     Reina Akkoush, Cynthia Jeitani, Mohamed Benaissa, Renata Dias,

        Julien Crucitti 

6:     Lea Al Chaa, Amena Mohamed Eldefrawy, Leila Kutub, Corinne Wissmann,

        Julia Fässler


Team Berlin: Bernd Grether

7:     Nour Asmar, Dana El Assir, Donia Osama ElShimy, Imane Cadimi,

        Anaïs Nyffeler, Leonie Wetter

8:     Myriam Khoury, Amanda Nicolas Ioannou, Jennate Laamyem, Luisa Herbst, 

        Meret Jans 


Team Zurich: Anna-Brigitte Schlittler

9:     Jana Kibbi, Tala El Chami, Hla Abdul Gawad, Destina Atasayar,

        Dara Elena Bubel, Sirah Nying 

10:   Karim Kobeissi, Dana Kontar, Farida Hassan Ayoub, O’Plérou Grebet, 

        Yasemin Çakır, Sofia Poku

General conditions


Credits (ECS or similar) are determined by each school. At the end of the project, each student will receive a diploma signed by all five universities. Active participation in the project work and participation in the obligatory events (introduction, plenum, final presentation) are required. The diplomas are handed over on the occasion of the final presentation at the end of the project.