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During this project our main goal since the beginning was getting to know each other despite the borders, time differences and cultural differences. We are four women interested in Art and Design who share a lot of interest yet, never met. We began to talk about our interests and wishes for this project but soon the “connection” part became difficult, our daily lives got in the way as well as the different time in the two continents we live or currently are. “Intimate Delay” was born out of this, out of trying to embrace our difficulties to connect out of our normal lives, showing what we where doing were we were, we created a main platform in Instagram where we uploaded a short video of our realities always putting the time and city we where at the moment, after a week of collecting these videos we made a video which is a 24 hours day in our lives (shorten into a 4 min video), the content was a selection of the 99 videos of our normal lives and intimacies that we uploaded and the subtitles of the video were the texts and conversations we had in our whatsapp group during this period of time. The outcome became very intimate yet without a barrier of space, we, connected despite everything and were able to get to know each other from far away. After this project was presented we decided to continue recording and uploading the videos in our instagram page to see where and how far this goes. 


Link to the presentation:

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