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As broad as the question is, our answer would be that design can mean nothing and yet change everything. We wanted to show how design can change the way we perceive things, retell a story, and allow us a different perspective. We got inspired from the title “linking cultures” we thought “how can we link our own cultures?” First, we started to think about what we all have in common. So we picked “Bread” as an object that we all grew up with and is an integral part to our cultures.


We take bread for granted so much that we do not recognise its importance and history anymore. So we decided to give bread a voice, show how significant it is. After researching the history of bread (we found some funny and dramatic facts) we settled on some ideas. One idea is trying to convey the atmosphere that is created in a house in the morning while baking (the smell). Another idea, is bread as a basic food that is quite filling. In poor countries bread became a symbol for people to protest difficult economic situations. In Jordan in 2018, demonstrators held bread while demanding justice and better living conditions. After the government decided to stop subsidising bread

We comic those situations in a way that is easy to understand and retell the story of people through bread. So, in our project we are showing how we ,as a creative group, can make a mundane object important again. And give it life again. So our job as designers is very important to retell a stories and break boundaries.


Link to the presentation:

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