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What does it mean to grow up as a girl in a society that is marked by patriarchy? To show the everyday struggle for teenage girls we collected stories of our teenage years. But we switched the roles. We let a boy experience this world. A world where you are told to not be sensitive, to not be shy, a world where you are supposed to be smiling and happy. Through exchanging roles we encourage boys to think further, to question their behavior towards girls, to step out of their experience.


To be respectful to our different cultural surroundings, we wanted to share a story from each one of us. A story from Egypt, Germany, Lebanon, Morocco and Switzerland. Sharing our experiences with each other we realized, all of us can relate to all of these stories. We are aware that this project reemphasizes the binary structure of sexes. We strongly encourage changing attitudes and social structures to recognize sex and gender as a spectrum. Hopefully we can tackle this in a future project.


Link to the presentation:

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