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We worked on the topic of menstruation. Our focus was on how each culture or country refers to menstruation through sayings instead of being straightforward while stating that a girl got her period. In order to do so, each team member researched the sayings in their respective language that people use to refer to this topic, that is still considered a taboo manner in most cultures. Each one of us created a poster with the chosen saying we decided to work with and with six different languages; Arabic (Lebanon), Arabic (Egypt), German, Italian, French and Amazigh. We then created a system where every two days the team members exchange the posters by adding to it the translation of the original saying in their own language. This allowed us to see how far fetched and hilarious the sayings are instead of being straight to the point. We ended up with six different posters, with only two restrictions which were to focus on typography and have a limited amount of colors that we all agreed on. To add, we had the liberty to change, modify and add whatever elements we desired. Moreover, at the bottom right of each poster is a partially hidden phrase that says “This is one of the many ways to refer to menstruation [in the respective language of the poster], how to you hide it?”. This team work was really fun, challenging and something new to all of us, it allowed us to familiarize ourselves with different cultures and work with different design styles to try to come up with the different posters. It was nice to see how the different scripts worked together in the final outcomes.


Link to the presentation:

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