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Franken Femme is a visual exploration of what the perfect woman looks and behaves like… except she does not make sense. She is a fusion of different cultural and social attitudes that have helped formulate the criteria one must have in order to fit the mold of the stereotypical "perfect" woman. She is surrounded by toxic words, sexist phrases or internalized thoughts, but she knows better: Women are not one-dimensional, they can take on multiple roles in society. In a world where the normal woman is deemed imperfect and society's "perfect" woman is a paradox we ask: is the perfect woman even a woman, does she even exist?


In a playful collaborative project uniting 5 women; illustrations, animations, sticker packs and an accompanying Instagram account were created: 16 femmes surrounded by catcalling, comments and common phrases were made based on survey entries and personal experiences of growing up as women. The idea is that the possibilities are endless all women are FrankenFemme. We are all an amalgamation of qualities and characteristics we obtain and preserve in an effort to always be appealing or attractive or perceived in positive light by others around us. On this journey to conform to society’s standards of perfection it becomes apparent that the only way to live is if FrankenFemme would embrace herself regardless of what she looks like, behaves like or what she believes in, and in doing so we come to realize that perfection is a fallacy. There is no “perfect woman”, as far as society is concerned, she will always be a monster.


Link to the presentation:

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