The concept is based on the idea that it is not one institution that takes the lead over this series of events, but rather that the various participating universities are organized in the form of an association. This association should be financed by sponsors. The association is responsible for the organization and coordination of the program and the members for the content. The association also runs an archive where all events are collected and periodically publishes the results of the exchange in an adequate form, online or in printed form. If desired, the association should also coordinate events and projects that are in accordance with the purpose of the association. 


The association is organized according to Swiss law, which can be done absolutely unbureaucratically. The bodies of the association are a) a board of directors, b) a management or secretariat and c) the annual members' meeting. The annual general meeting is the supreme body that determines all other committees (board and management). It is important that all institutions are represented by the same number of people. These modalities, as well as the rules for the committees, will be determined in a constituent assembly.


Details of the planned association will also be announced at the launch conference in September.