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Dissent everywere

If there is one thing that we learned about dissent during this project, it is that we couldn’t escape it, even if we tried. We started out with brainstorming about the subject and ended up finding it embedded deep into our very own thoughts and actions. We came into this course with great anticipation to work with fellow students from foreign countries. This excitement went hand in hand with the despair of communication difficulties caused by temporal, cultural and personal inconsistencies, and if we’re being honest, with our own self-discipline. All of these contradictory aspects aside, we managed to find some common ground on which we combined purpose with humour to transmit our own perceptions of dissent in our individual environments. Each group member created a poster about a subject of dissent that they encounter in their daily lives. Subsequently, each poster was edited by a different group member, adding a reaction to the previous person’s statement. Hence, our poster series is the expression of our various opinions on different conflicting matters.

Link to the presentation:


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