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The "Design as Dissent" project is being worked on by ten mixed student teams from the five partner universities. The individual teams work on the topic autonomously and interpret according to their specific view. The teams define themselves in which form they want to present and visualize their concepts for discussion. This can be posters, videos, books, illustrations or comics, etc.



TRASH, how dirty is consumerism: Dana Al Assir, Ilias El  Azizi, Tala Al-Fayoumi,

Raoul Batantu Mukanza, Miranda Winter, Aya El Katerji, Safia Manouzi, Nadine Darwish,

Janine Bucher

Coordination: Ghalia Elsrakbi and Jochen Braun

Our News World: Rita Kalin DerKhatchadourian, Youssef Bouwaggou, Andrin Fretz, Claudio della Schiava

Coordination: Cédric Gattilon and Yvon Langue

Present Picture: Karma Lynn Makarem, Ismaïl Essakaoui, Jasmen Ramzy,

Audrey-Meret Lohmann

Coordination: Cédric Gattilon and Yvon Langue

Dissent everywhere: Doha Baouch, Yassine Ketmane, Céline Müller, Emma Bervard,

Jan Hobi

Coordination: Anna-Brigitte Schlittler

Postcards for Mental Health: Marybel Mouradian, Khaoula Nasloubi, Farida Ayoub, MichelleBobst

Coordination: Anna-Brigitte Schlittler

Weekend sleepover: Lili El Rayyes, Yassir Ait Terga, Hager Al Attar, Max Diemair,

Kevin van Aartsen

Coordination: Robin Coenen

Archive of Conflicts: Angela Boujikian, Fatima Zahra Moul, Douira Trachsel, 

Samira Esmeralda, Miriam Seith

Coordination: Robin Coenen

Dissenting Aganist Hustle Culture: Tamara Srour, Ziad Aboujiad, Salma Zidan,

Abhash Mittal

Coordination: Yara Nammour Khoury, Lina Ghaibeh

Dissent Roulette: Ilyas Hachkar, Hla AbdulGawad, Muniz Gomes, Lyvia Wägli, Matthias Naegeli

Coordination: Jana Traboulsi

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