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Dissenting Aganist Hustle Culture

This project is a group of design students’ visual poster diary on the effects of hustle culture. Influenced by our inability to meet due to rigorous work schedules we decided to talk about three things that impact us and the entire design scene greatly, all which relate to the unglamorous reality oof hustle culture.


Therefore, we introspectively designed posters on how we feel about creative burnout, procrastination, and extreme working hours. We each designed with the limitations of using our own languages and two colors, which led to wildly different results on a topic that hits very close to home.

We then proceeded to place these posters on a website that closes after working hours, as a reminder to regulate yourself and remember that work isn’t everything and time is not just meant to be productive. These posters could be reproduced and left in places as a reminder that we all feel the same way, and that we need to start working on ourselves for ourselves.

Link to the presentation:

Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 16.13.48.png
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