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Idio-Map is a project centered around connecting cultures through idioms and oral tradition. The shared wisdom created through everyday life is an essential part of every culture; thus we decided to visualize the Collective Wisdom of Egyptian, German, Lebanese and Moroccan Cultures. 

The key to this project is to connect rather than separate. Focusing on the implied meaning, we created a guide to life based on idioms and oral traditions. It shows the similarity between cultures both in themes and imagery. Accompanying the map is a card game centered around the absurd, but often hilarious, way in which idioms are phrased.  

Players can gather around, learn about different cultures in a fun engaging manner. They will not only get to know idioms of different countries but also realize just how similar humanity is at it’s core.  

After all, idioms are the product of shared experience, and common sense. Although we might all be different the essence of what it means to be human is still the same. 


Link to the presentation:

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