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Postcards for Mental Health


With the invention of social media communication has become more accessible now than ever. However, as a result, a lot of information can be lost in translation and become less transparent. Which is why we used an older way of communication: Postcards.


Using postcard as our medium, our focus was to highlight mental health problems, which affect people worldwide from all types of cultures. We wanted to draw attention to these illnesses, break taboos, stimulate discussion and encourage communication.


All four of us designed a typical touristy postcard with a picture of our country on it furthermore, we added a twist by writing different messages around mental health using typography, which is not obvious at first glance. The back of the postcards contains QR codes that lead people to various websites of NGOs where people can get more information on that specific mental health illness and donate to it.


Lastly, we decided to send the final designed postcards to each other as it’s done commonly.

Link to the presentation:

Documentation .png
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